How to Complete Your Bedroom

     So how ? Today, I will tell you how to decorate your room. Easy, but you must have knowledge of home furniture. Furniture is not just placing too much large furniture in your room. Don't fool yourself by doing this, don't waste your money on these things.

There are a number of things you must use before completing your home.
 • Frame the bed
 • Love chair or small sofa
 • Modern curtains
 • Mattresses
 • Curtain
 • Night table or small table
 • Bedding set
 • Cabinets
 • Tables with chairs

Look at a few points below and you will get a better idea about this.

Paint the room with soft colors like sky blue, yellow etc. or whatever color you like. But the color must be soft. Because of the soft color, you will always get a warm and cold feeling. Always remember that colors always play a very vital role in the furniture of your room.  
Always use a downward or linear type of pottery tile that can be diagonally striped. The eye pursues the appearance on the floor, and the area looks bigger because the diagonal lines will be longer than the lines that are similar or vertical to the wall.   
Keep the bed low on the floor to reduce accumulation. You can buy a simple metal mattress frame and that is enough.Buy a sofa bed or futon for your bedroom.
If you want to use furniture, try to be more specific because it can affect the breadth of the room and also think about the way in and out. What does a well-furnished house consist of? A simple bed with a bedside table and space to relax, can be enough for the placement of your room.   
For your sleepwear, you have to buy some colorful pillows and for windows, buy bright color curtains. Light & Soft colors provide warmth to the room. You can also decorate your room with wall paper and wall hangers.  
I would suggest for a four-sided lampshade because, I think this type of lamp fits comfortably on the wall and even looks good.   
Take advantage of a high-wattage light bulb to make the area feel real. The flooded area looks extra spacious.